GCSE Classroom is all about exam question practice, feedback and self-assessment. Teachers and pupils will benefit from our GCSE Science courses and online learning area. We cover both Combined Science and Triple Science courses.
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Exam question practice and timely, accurate feedback is imperative for pupils to reach their potential in GCSE Science. GCSE Classroom opens the door for pupils to access unique practice questions. Through using GCSE Classroom, pupils will improve their exam technique and an increase in exam performance will follow.
Pupils can have a go at exam questions for every unit of the course before receiving instant video feedback and the chance to self-assess their work. 
As a teacher you can track the progress of your pupils in your own bespoke dashboard. You can easily switch between each of your classes and check that your pupils have been completing work and making progress.
Teachers can also mark work and give feedback on the answers that pupils give. This feedback can be written or you can leave an audio recording. This innovative tool will save you time and allow you to concentrate your efforts on your pupils, rather than creating tests or marking books.
Pupils also have their own dashboard on the platform where they can monitor their progress and ensure that they are confident answering exam questions on all topics. The chance to re-attempt sets of questions can show a clear pathway of progress and an improvement in exam technique.
Over time, pupils will be capable of highlighting their own areas of strengths and weakness. This will enable pupils to put more revision time into topics where they are less confident. Performing consistently across all topics will boost exam performance and final GCSE grades.
Many pupils will make steady progress when it comes to learning the content that will be included in their GCSE Science exams. However, a lack of exam question practice means that they struggle in an exam situation and don’t reach their potential. GCSE Classroom shuts down this barrier to success and ensures that pupils walk into their exams feeling confident on how to tackle all exam questions.
It is no longer necessary to print off past paper questions, which soon become lost and disorganised. With GCSE Classroom, pupils have topics neatly organised for them and they can return to the platform to move through each unit at their own pace. 
GCSE Classroom is the number one platform for GCSE Science learning and revision and will create a pathway to GCSE success for all learners. Take a look at our Science courses by clicking below.
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